In support of Missoula's open space bond

JEFF FEE — Oct. 29, 2018

Ask anyone about what makes Missoula great and you’ll hear two things: the people who live here and our incredible access to open lands and rivers. In economic development speak, it’s called workforce and natural amenities. Here in Missoula, we call it what it is: great people and great outdoors…

Sustainable Missoula: We are defined by our protection of open spaces

…As the pressures of our growing population increase, the need for renewed commitment to open space conservation is even more urgent. Passing a renewed county Open Space Bond and a City Stewardship Levy ensures we can protect our quality of life, access to rivers and trails, and our agricultural heritage as Missoula County continues to grow into the future…

Missoula’s legacy: Groups kick off campaign for open space bond, stewardship levy

To Missoula residents, open space is more than just accessible woodlands, rivers and trails. It’s about leaving a legacy for future generations, Missoula County Commissioner Dave Strohmaier said Wednesday, launching the campaign for November’s $15 million open space bond vote... READ MORE